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Daily Tours in Belek Turkey...Bogazkent, Serik, Kadriye, Denizyaka
belek rafting - turkeyPerge - Aspendos Ruines in Belek : Travel back in time to the days of togas and chariots at these two ancient sites. First on the history hitlist is the classical city of Perge. This once bustling Roman port was founded around 1300 BC and the first stop for St. Paul on his missionary journeys around the Mediterranean.

Take a guided tour, stepping through the triumphal Roman gate to admire the ruined temples, marketplace and fountains. On the column-lined main street, meanwhile, you can even see the grooves in the flagstones created by long-ago chariot wheels. There’s also a magnificent, 12,000-seater Roman stadium and the remnants of a Bronze Age acropolis.

Scuba Diving Tours for Beginners and Professionals in Belek : Want to give scuba diving a go • Then this gives you a taster of the underwater world to see whether you’re cut out for a wetsuit. First, we’ll whisk you to a top-rated PADI diving school where you’ll get to grips with the basic skills. Then, once you feel comfortable, you’ll head out by boat to a secluded bay for your first, fun dive. Descend into the warm waters with an experienced PADI instructor by your side. As you waft through the waters, keep a lookout for grouper, octopus and damselfish.

Dolphin - Sea Seal and White Whale Show in Belek : You'll head for the dolphin lagoon and once you’re settled into your seat, you’ll be treated to a fun-filled show performed by these bottle-nosed beauties. Watch as they play water football and show off their acrobatic skills leaping from the water. You’ll be left amazed at their strength and grace. Plus you’ll also get to see the park’s sealions playing around in the water. After the show, there’s free time to wander round the park and relax at the café before heading home.

Kekova Demre and Myra Tours in Belek : Starting this tour is a boat trip to Kekova Island. As well as being an area of outstanding beauty, the island is famous for its underwater ruins, the relics of an ancient town partially submerged by an earthquake in the 2nd Century. While you're here, there'll also be a be a short stop for you to swim in the sea. After lunch, you'll head to Demre, located on the site of the ancient city of Myra. As well as seeing some of the remains of Myra, including the amphitheatre and rock tombs, you'll visit the Church of St Nicholas, who is better known today as Santa Claus.

Taurus Mountains Summit Aerial Cable Way - Teleferic Climbing Tours in Belek : Starting this day is a ride on the Tahtali Aerial Cableway. At 4,350 metres in length, its the longest of its kind in Europe, and the 2nd longest in the World. You'll ascend over the Olympos-Beydağları National Park to the snow-capped summit of Mt. Tahtali, standing a staggering 2,365 metres above sea level. As well as getting some stunning views on the journey up, the summit station with its patios and viewing platforms provides 360 degree views over the surrounding area.

Cappadocia 2 days or 3 Days Tours in Belek : If there’s one place worthy of your holiday photo album it’s Cappadocia. Created by ancient volcanic eruptions, this chunk of central Turkey is all weird rock cones, valleys and ‘fairy chimneys’ - pinnacles eroded into chimney shapes. And on this two-day trip, you’ll witness this breathtaking region, which man has carved into cave dwellings, churches and even cities through the centuries. You’ll drive to Goreme and its open-air museum. Standing in a UNESCO-protected valley of fairy chimneys, it’s a complex of rock-carved churches painted with Byzantine frescoes. Prepare to be stunned as you enter its domed interiors

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