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Tourist Attractions in Belek Turkey...
belek rafting - turkeyBelek...Turkey's and Turkish Riviera's unrivalled beach holiday and golf vacation destination for foreign tourists.
If you are in Belek region, take a trip to Aspendos and do... what the romans did :)
It is amazing how well preserved is the amphitheater.
We have enjoyed climbing the hill behind the amphitheater and, despite the bad maintained roads, and the presence of snakes, lizards and all the wild noises coming from the bushes, I don't regret it.
I would recommend you to wear real shoes and long trousers as the presence of those snakes was really scary!

About the city of Aspendos...If you are a globetrotter with a thirst for history and archeology, the Aspendos Theatre would perhaps be the chief attraction in Belek.
Together with all the other ruins in Antalya, it could make you feel the mumbling of the romans going to the agoras or the baths and enjoying the good weather in Antalya, same as two thousands yrs ago.
Playing with the good acoustic of the theater was one of the preferred activity for all the tourists in Aspendos so, the space inside was dominated by a kind of cacophony caused by the shouts in so different languages. Anyway, the amphitheater is still used today for Opera and ballet festivals
Besides golfing, Belek also provides you the opportunity for a wide range of adventure sports like wind surfing, water skiing, sailing, rafting, mountain climbing, and hunting. So if you are a sports enthusiast Belek is just the place for you in Turkey. 

List of the principal tourist attractions in Belek, Turkey :

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